Art Center College of Design

  1. Digital Design, Spring 2017
  2. Motion Design 1, Summer 2017
  3. Art of UI, Fall 2017

University of California, Riverside

BA in Media & Communications -- 2013

University of Sussex, Int'l Summer School

Creative Writing, Brighton, UK -- 2012

For professional inquiries: 

send me an e-mail at joannenwu [at] gmail [dot] com


joanne wu

orange county, calif. 

Growing up, my parents as loving as they are, had big aspirations for me to become a doctor of some sort (or an accountant). But lucky for them, I was neither good at math nor blood-related things (blood made me queasy). 

During my 4 years at UC Riverside, I jumped from major to major hoping to find a niche I can call my own. Wasn't until a couple months ago did I realize the purpose of all those art classes that ended up catching up to me. I was born to be a creative. I was born to work with my hands, to create something beautiful with a click of mouse & a swoosh of the brush tool. 

Currently, I am freelancing my way through life. I got my start in the graphics industry working on print design, and recently started hopping onto the digital bandwagon. 

As a portfolio development, I got myself plugged into ArtCenter College of Design busying myself with a myriad of graphic / motion design courses.

I am always open to learning more in this fascinating industry. If you have any comments and/or feedback, feel free to use any of the media platforms below to get in touch with me!